Peering Policy

M247 (AS9009) seeks to expand it’s peering base with other IP Networks on a settlement-free basis when this is beneficial to M247 and it’s Customers.

Such an interconnection will be reffered to as a PNI (Private Network Interconnect).

M247 can peer with other IP Networks over Internet Exchanges (IXPNI) or privately using a physical cable (PNI).

General Rules:

  • The peering partner must have an Autonomous System Number assigned by one of the five Regional Internet Registries, and use the BGP4 protocol for peering sessions.
  • The peering partner must NOT abuse the peering relationship by doing any of the following: point default route, reset next hop, sell or give the next hop to third parties, and so forth unless granted by M247.
  • The peering partner must maintain a 24/7 Network Operations Centre.
  • The peering partner must NOT be an existing M247 Customer.
  • The peering partner must peer in at least 2 Countries per Continent, subject to presence on multiple continents.
  • The peering partner may implement filtering (AS, routes, prefix-limit, RPKI) but must inform M247 about its setup, and whenever any changes occur.
  • The peering partner must NOT announce prefixes longer than /24.
  • The peering partner shall keep its Peering DB objects up to date.
  • The exchanged traffic must never exceed in a permanent basis the 75% of the physical interconnection capacity.
  • The peering partner can always find all the technical information on AS9009 on it’s peeringdb page:
  • The peering partner must read and accept this agreement.

Minimum Requirements for a Public or Private Network Interconnect:

Establishing both IPv4 and IPv6 BGP session is required
An inbound:outbound ratio is not required, however a traffic level has to be matched in order to accept the peering
Where applicable, BGP sessions will be established in as many locations available. If traffic levels do not match the required levels in some of the sites, PNI in larger locations can be complemented with IXPNI in locations that do less traffic
M247 will match RPKI filters and will refuse prefixes with invalid ROAs