This website contains information about the M247 International Backbone.

M247 operates a Global Network Backbone built on resilient high bandwidth links, serving customers across Europe, USA & Canada, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

The M247 portfolio aims at bringing together service innovation and robust technology partnerships, with the goal of enhancing the business transformation journey of enterprise and public sector organizations in the new digital economy. Our solutions are driven by customer and market demand, and the need for automation and optimization of technology, operations and costs, data management, and networking

General Network Information

AS number: 9009


IPv4 prefixes: 2000

IPv6 prefixes: 100

Peering contact: peering@m247.com

NOC contact: nmc@m247.com

Company website: www.m247.com

Peeringdb details: as9009.peeringdb.com

E-mail contacts

Policy generic contact: peering@m247.com

Network Management Centre: nmc@m247.com